Johnny & Junkers: Typing Stuff and Doing Things

Just a couple of hetero dudes that enjoy each other’s company. Cosplay is friendship.

People don’t realize that I made the Berserker Guts BEFORE I made the Golden Age Guts. Also making the harder armor first because reasons.

I thought I was a pretty good Sharrkan…

RWBY props made for Sushimonster. First transforming props I’ve made. Tutorial on my blog!


Latest stuff from our Saint Seiya shoot in Balboa Park! Making the Pegasus Fantasy a reality!






Debuted our Jojo’s costume at Anime Expo this year. Got a sponsorship from Crunchyroll and WB Japan to crank it out, and the extra funding really helped bring Star Platinum to life. He doesn’t have any social media unfortunately sorry! 




Tony Quan Photography

WJS Photography

Cosplay in America

Saint Seiya Legend of Sanctuary armor made from PVC foam. Can check out how I made it on my FB or Blog. So much detail it hurts. 

Completed my Sakimi Chan Pocahontas costume. Thanks to everyone that made this possible!

Model/Accesories - JohnnyJunkers

Photos - Tony Quan, Ash B, Martin Wong

Wig - Twinzik Cosplay

Seamstress- SpacePizza

Working on Sakimi Chan’s version of Pocahontas. Made necklace from PVC, wig by Twinzik and dress by Spacepizza.

This costume is way too outrageous. 

I can dance in my armor. Bye. 

Cosplay by Junkers